Arrance itself is a confederation of diverse peoples and cultures under the dominion of the Covenant of A’hrel, but loosening by the second. The Fae, known as the Elden, begin to rouse themselves from centuries of inactivity, reaching out to the descendants of those they once favored. Their servants, the Druids, begin to return from the east, beneath clouds of war. Prophets of A’hrel rise from the lower classes, inspired by visions of the rot within the Covenant. A cabal of wizards doggedly pursues immortality. Children are born beneath an unseen moon, unable to distinguish between the dream realm and reality—with the ability to shape both. The alchemist knights of a shattered land quest to find the memories of their homeland—and what destroyed it.

Between dreams and death the story begins…

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*11/15 Created House Rules page.

11/7 Faction List

I have created a page detailing in brief the available Factions. The list is not exhaustive.

11/5 Greetings!

This campaign setting is under construction currently. However, I’ll offer an explanation of what I’m aiming at in developing this setting.

I’m channeling a strange stew of influences in this development. The idea came loosely from Supernatural and Game of Thrones, but a few others have made their way in the meantime, the most important of which is the Prince of Nothing series. I’m aiming for Supernatural’s saturation with creatures that go bump in the night, Martin’s politics, and Bakker’s excellent crafting of cultures and linguistics.

The result is a setting where lycanthropy is the equivalent of the Black Plague, the Fae are worshipped as gods, and vampirism lurks just below the surface of the social elites’ pious veneer.


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